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Welcome to

Welcome to, my Internet infrastructure hobby/project.

Locally, the outdoor temperature is F. In the office it is F and in the living room it is F. The heat is . The surface temperature of the boiler is F. The kernel has bytes of entropy.

What's here? consists of a few servers in my basement and a few VPS servers to provide presence on the Internet. I keep my photos and a rarely-updated blog here. Services run here include:

The primary storage is a 6-drive Linux MD RAID 6 array with 2 TB drives. There is approximately 9 TB of JBOD storage in a backup server. The physical servers run Funtoo Linux. Virtual servers run a variety of Linux distributions.

Why have this stuff?

It's a personal hobby; some people garden, some people paint, I like to play with computers. This provides me with an environment to experiment with computer infrastructure, which I find enjoyable. My other interests include sailing, cycling, music, and home automation.

Isn't that a lot of work?

Sometimes, but it usually isn't.

Why "SetFilePointer"?

It's a tribute to my favorite API. I'm pretty sure I can imagine what the design constraints were back in the era of 16-bit Windows and why this compromise was what was selected. When compared to a "modern" API (and by "modern" I mean 1979) it seems a little... awkward. This is an example of what can make writing software hard.

Where's the commenting system?

Well, there isn't a commenting system other than to send me email.

Thanks, USInternet!